Am I Perfect?

Am I Perfect?

Am I Perfect? is a documentary series that follows 19-year-old Australian Maddy, as she sets out on a journey to see if ‘Hollywood’ perfection is attainable.
Am I Perfect? - Despair


Maddy moves into week nine with the famous lemon detox diet. We watch Maddy get her signature freckles removed and despite pushing through intensive obstacle courses she is heartbroken when she finds out that she has actually gained weight.
Am I Perfect? - Bargaining


Well and truly over her body plateauing, Maddy takes drastic action and cuts her calorie intake by half. Despite critical warnings from the dietitian, Maddy takes on the macrobiotic diet, cycling and becomes mummified in a weight loss body wrap.
Am I Perfect? - Acceptance


It is the final week and the lead up to the big finale - Maddy has become a completely different person and is upset at becoming a person she doesn't like. She is desperate to reach her goal and continue losing more weight.
Am I Perfect? - Shock


Meet Maddy - your average 19-year old Australian feeling the pressure to look a certain way. So for ten weeks she is going to try everything the media and her favourite celebrities suggest. Hopefully at the end she will be 'perfect'!
Am I Perfect? - Denial


Maddy's spirits are high as she journeys into week two, having already lost 5kg! She eats like a caveman on the Paleo Diet, tests her coordination in home exercise videos and meets with a professional to learn the tricks of make-up.
Am I Perfect? - Anger


Week five sees Maddy's rapid weight loss come to a halt; the nurse and dietitian inform her that her body is in starvation mode and her weight loss is unfortunately set to plateau.