Alexander's Lost World

Alexander's Lost World

Following the course of the River Oxus (Amu Darya) for the first time, David Adams takes viewers on an extraordinary 2,400km journey through war-torn Afghanistan and Central Asia.
6 Episodes
Alexander's Lost World - Source of Civilisation

Source of Civilisation

To discover the origins of these people and their civilisation that flowered long before Alexander's arrival, David enters one of the least visited places on earth
Alexander's Lost World - City of Moon Lady

City of Moon Lady

Lost in a sand storm in the desert, Adams and cameraman Greg finally reach a remote police outpost in the Taliban held Kunduz delta.
Alexander's Lost World - Explorations on an Ancient Sea

Explorations on an Ancient Sea

In search of the Alexander's Lost World, Adams follows in the footsteps of the earliest Greek explorers, putting a new theory on Jason and the Argonauts to the test.
Alexander's Lost World - The Mother of All Cities

The Mother of All Cities

Crossing into Afghanistan in search of the lost city of Bactra, Adams uses the Ancient Greek accounts as a guide to try and locate Alexander's fabled Central Asian Capital.
Alexander's Lost World - Alexandria on the Oxus

Alexandria on the Oxus

Did Alexander really build sixteen cities in Afghanistan and Central Asia or was he the destroyer of a far more ancient civilisation?
Alexander's Lost World - The Land of the Golden Fleece

The Land of the Golden Fleece

In the waters of the Oxus River Adams discovers a surprising connection to Jason and the Argonauts - could they have possibly travelled this far from Greece?